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Aug 2015
Aug 03 2015 06:59
I have a question about the vistrails averaging modules. Does the spatial averaging include areal weighting, and likewise does temporal averaging include time weighting? The importance of the former is self-explanatory; the latter becomes important for budget calculations. Will
Damien Irving
Aug 03 2015 07:08
@willrhobbs The averaging scripts are all in the aggregation directory of the cwsl-mas repo:
You'll see that and simply use cdo.
It looks like cdo does apply area weighting when calculating fldmean or fldavg:
Damien Irving
Aug 03 2015 07:17
As far as I'm aware time-weighted averaging is not directly supported in CDO, so we'd have to write a script to do that in another language and throw it into the aggregation directory.