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May 2016
Marek Vavruša
May 11 2016 01:02 UTC
@maximeh this should be fixed in current master (b5b0232bcefe8c64ce2234c495bd398a9dc80248).
There was one problem in the latest code where a failed outbound TCP connection sometimes cleared the connection handle between client and resolver, so the query completed but the response never reached the client. If the client didn't have any retry/timeout logic then it could wait forever. Could you recompile and check?
Maxime Hadjinlian
May 11 2016 08:18 UTC
@vavrusa yep, I'll build the latests master
Maxime Hadjinlian
May 11 2016 08:57 UTC
@vavrusa Okey, it seems to be working