These are chat archives for CZ-NIC/knot-resolver

Jan 2017
Ondřej Surý
Jan 16 2017 17:41
@andir I have just triggered the build with todays git master. It resolves all resolution failures we know. Did the global failure with clear.cache() as a remedy occurred again or was it just one time thing?
Andreas Rammhold
Jan 16 2017 17:55
well i've not fired it up yet since.. been side tracked with other issues and also not very motivated to write an extended monitoring script for kresd yet :-) I'll try to do that tomorrow
Jan 16 2017 18:23
ondrej Ok, try with today's build. We are very close to releasing it as 1.2.0, so any testing would be appreciated. Also the log format has been extended to track the query/subquery tree.
Andreas Rammhold
Jan 16 2017 18:28
okay, will be first thing in the morning