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Mar 2018
Mar 07 2018 18:34
is this available in knot-resolver?
sorry, rather unbound's serve-expired
Vladimír Čunát
Mar 07 2018 19:40
@257 we have a demo serve_stale module, and we're just working on making it behave better.
By default it's set up very conservatively, but that's easy to change.
(in configuration)
Daniel Aleksandersen
Mar 07 2018 21:52
@vcunat, regarding the bug I just filed: the "expected result" is the result I get with other systemd activated socket services (like SSH). Knot’s behaviour is inconsistent.
Vladimír Čunát
Mar 07 2018 22:57
That's a per-distribution question, but in case of Fedora it's also a question for Tomáš.