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Jul 2018
Serge Victor
Jul 21 2018 09:42
I read a manual kresd.systemd.7 and i think I am doing everything what I should, but I'm getting kresd.socket: Failed with result 'service-start-limit-hit'.
standard ubuntu bionic package, no config changes
nothing else listens on ::1@53 or
systemctl status kresd.socket shows active (listening) until i ask for anything
than it changes to failed (Result: service-start-limit-hit)
any ideas?
Serge Victor
Jul 21 2018 09:53
OK I installed recent build from and that one works as it should, thanks ;)
Serge Victor
Jul 21 2018 11:44
One more question, is knot-resolver able to get data over DNS-over-HTTPS?
Or DNS-over-TLS only?
Vladimír Čunát
Jul 21 2018 14:14
@ser: forwarding over TLS is the only encrypted way ATM.