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Jul 2018
Serge Victor
Jul 22 2018 06:05
Thanks, @vcunat
I have another question, I wanted resolver to randomize forwarded requests and this is my configuration:
it works but I am getting crazy amount of errors in log file: [tls_client] error: hostname '' for address '' already was set, ignoring, [tls_client] error: system ca for address '' already was set, ignoring
how can I mitigate it?
Pavel Timofeev
Jul 22 2018 06:52
Hi! Am i doing something wrong?
error: Function not implemented
this is knot-resolver 2.4
Vladimír Čunát
Jul 22 2018 07:49
@timp87: not wrong. Passing parameters to cache.clear() is not implemented ATM.
Pavel Timofeev
Jul 22 2018 10:50
What a pitty! Knot-resolver looks so extremely interesting.l when I read documentation. Bit when I try things described there I find non-working features here and there
Thats very
Vladimír Čunát
Jul 22 2018 12:03
DoH is very new. It's not even standardized yet. My personal opinion is that in the DNS forwarding case, https/2 is a bit of sledgehammer without much added value over TLS. I understand that those wanting to do queries from JavaScript find it much easier to use https than pure TLS, but that's not this case.
To be clear, the support may happen in future. I don't really know ATM