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Aug 2018
Radek 'blufor' Slavicinsky
Aug 09 2018 18:46
hello, I'm trying to solve an issue regarding CNAMEs pointing to different zones. seems like (the referred github issue has been closed). Is there a way to work around this now? my use case is a private zone containing DNAME that results in a name that is residing in another zone (and even nameserver, it's Consul). I'm already using knot and as suggested on its channel few weeks ago, I've installed knot-resolver to have this working, however... :)
Vladimír Čunát
Aug 09 2018 19:57
@blufor: following a CNAME doesn't re-trigger processing of policy rules. That's how the policy system is designed right now - just processed once per incoming request. ATM I can't see any easy reliable solution for that.
Radek 'blufor' Slavicinsky
Aug 09 2018 20:49
ok, so the short answer is "use unbound for now"? :)