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Nov 2018
Tomas Krizek
Nov 05 2018 09:16
I'm not sure why you'd want to turn off the UDP port, but if you're running kresd with systemd, it should be possible. Just remove the ListenDatagram property in the drop-in file for kresd.socket. Please refer to for details.
Petr Špaček
Nov 05 2018 11:11
Most importantly: Don't do this! TCP is mandatory and it will break stuff if it is not available.
Vladimír Čunát
Nov 05 2018 11:52
UDP is also mandatory :-) but noone can really force you on your own network.
Robert Šefr
Nov 05 2018 11:59
@pspacek @vcunat I just want to confirm, that the NO_CACHE flag resolved the issue with STUBbing of non-existent TLDs