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    Markus Lohmayer
    @bryanwweber Thank you!
    Vasu Jaganath
    Hi, I have a veru basic install and usage question
    I have isntalled cantera using the launchpad ppa on 16.04 Ubuntu
    However I can't use cantera from python3 , due to this error undefined symbol: _Py_ZeroStruct, when importing
    I could only find these two threads, but I couldn't understand how to circumvent this problem without completely nuking my install or installing conda.
    Vasu Jaganath
    It is going in python-2.7 directory
    /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cantera/, nothing is in python2.5/dist-packages
    Bryan W. Weber
    @fedvasu Please post your question on the Google Group, this channel is not closely monitored and you’ll get a better/faster response from the Google Group
    Chris Neal
    @bryanwweber Would it make sense to remove Gitter from the Cantera docs? Or do you think this platform provides value? I've become skeptical of my old belief that Gitter would be nice to have in addition to the Google Group.
    Bryan W. Weber
    I was thinking about that yesterday, @wandadars
    I think it makes sense to keep it around. The README is very clear that questions shouldn’t be posted here...
    Is there any tutorial on HCCI simulation with cantera for python ?
    Does anyone know how Cantera calculates "forward_rate_constants" I have only one reaction above
    and it seems Cantera returns the value, which is different from basic equation kf=AT^b*exp(-Ea/RT)
    It returns
    Out[38]: array([2.78742811e-11])
    which is different from k1 or k2 above
    Steven C. DeCaluwe
    @apoo7rv I am not aware of any that the project itself hosts.
    Steven C. DeCaluwe
    @ArnoBetsy FYI, this type of question is probably more appropriate for the user's group. Best I can tell, the k_fwd ought to be 8.5629e-10. But it would be easier to evaluate with the actual input file. If you do pots this on the user's group, please do not attach screenshots (they can't be searched or read by screen-readers for visually-impaired users), but either attach the files (preferred) or copy and paste your script. Thanks!
    @decaluwe Thanks for your kind suggestion. I will use the user's group then.
    Weiqi Ji
    Any idea on implementing Jax (or autograd) with Cantera. Therefore, we can easily perform some sensitivity analysis, jacobian matrix evaluation.
    Richard West
    The best place to look (and then suggest) would probably be https://github.com/cantera/enhancements
    This, for example, looks like it’s a bit related, but taking a different approach: Cantera/enhancements#19
    Weiqi Ji
    @rwest Thank you, Richard. The link is what I am looking for.
    Sanchit Uke
    Hello, I am Sanchit Uke and I am interested in contributing to Cantera. I am also applying to GSoC this year. Can someone show me towards some beginner issues on the issue tracker?
    Aravindha Guhan A / அரவிந்தகுகன்
    Hello all , I'm Aravindha Guhan from India, I would like to contribute to Cantera for GSOC 2020, Looking forward to working with you all
    Bryan W. Weber
    @SanchitUke We have several issues marked as good for new people on Cantera/cantera, Cantera/cantera-website, and Cantera/enhancements. Sometimes we use the tag help-wanted.
    @karikaalan0207 Welcome!
    Hello, Cantera community I am Harsh Sinha Maths and Computing sophomore from IIT Varanasi, I wish to work with Cantera for GSoC 2020.
    Nishant Joywardhan
    Hello everyone. I'm Nishant Joywardhan, an IT and Maths sophomore from University of Delhi, India. Looking forward to working with Cantera and this amazing open source community in my pursual of GSoC 2020.
    Arsh Mahajan
    Hello everyone!!
    I am Arsh Mahajan, a Computer Sciences and Engineering junior(3rd year) at Indian Institute of Technology Patna.
    I would love to work with you guys and improve Cantera whilst on my quest to complete GSoC '20. Looking forward to work with you all!!
    Basanta Rijal
    Hello! I am a 3rd year Electronics and Communication Engineering student from Nepal and would like to work for CI improvement for Cantera
    Hi, Myself Shaon.
    I have to modify a cantera reaction mechanism
    Any idea?
    anyone has idea about dealing with "fmt missing" when using scons build command?
    @stalukdar751 Hi stalukdar, same here! Did you manage to solve it?
    anyone met the problem "unknown type name SUNDIALS_INDEX_TYPE"? seems like in subdials_config.h under cantera/ext/sundials, there is no definition about "SUNDIALS_INDEX_TYPE"
    Weiqi Ji
    Hi, anyone has thought about build a Julia wrapper of Cantera using clang.jl? Something like Sundials.jl
    Hello everyone, I'm Lisimaco Cruz, and I'm new in Cantera and I would like to solve some kinetics for sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. Someone who can give a hand? I need to try dissolution with water and different temperatures, reaction kinetics for water and then mixed their together
    Hello, everyone, I am a novice at Cantera. I want to ask, how can I modify sim.step to achieve the effect of equal spacing gas = ct.Solution('gri30.xml') initial_state = 1200, 1 * ct.one_atm, 'CH4:1.0, O2:2.0, N2:7.52' gas.TPX = initial_state r = ct.Reactor(gas) sim = ct.ReactorNet([r]) t = sim.step()
    The effect I want to get, for example
    Stored gas.net_rates_of_progress at these times respectively
    Hello, anyone has any convenient way to get the Arrhenius parameters of the reverse reaction using Cantera when it's not specified?
    Hi everyone. I am Maulik Varshney, seeking my chances in GSOC with Cantera as my organisation. Can I get help of any mentor and get some hint about the participation of this organisation in GSOC 2021?