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    Nice work
    Deepank Verma
    exceptional attempt
    Rajat gupta
    Nice work
    Ankit Shah
    yes its good work
    Frank Lanke Fu Tarimo
    Awesome stuff man!
    Huadong Liao
    Thank you, guys. I'm very happy to hear that. I'm doing further work on it
    I'm afraid
    I'm afraid that there is small mis-written.
    In capsNet.py, seting up the main structure which is needed to be setting. ^^
    Philip Goosen
    Can I please join the deep learning wechat group?
    Huadong Liao
    Of course you can, @goosenphil anyone who loves deep learning is welcome
    send me a request with my wechat QR in the README, and I'll invite you to join in our wechat group
    Philip Goosen
    Thank you for adding me!
    Wondering if we can run CapsNet on CIFAR-10
    I am ready to apply some transformations on the CIFAR-10 dataset to see if CAPS works on it as well.
    Brian Bishop
    Hey guys. How long did it take people to train CapsNet on MNIST?
    Loreto Parisi
    Just joined the group! Great to find the CapsNet discussion here! I have just added this chatroom in my documentation about current capsnet status of implementations here https://github.com/loretoparisi/CapsNet Hope this helps!
    If you have other info about capsnet like implementations, dataset experiments, interesting material, please tell me I will happy to add to this docs
    Is there any implement ion of CapsNet on RGB images?
    Jose Flores
    Hi all! Just found this group too. Awesome work on the CapusleNet implementation! I started working on my own after I saw this and others implementations
    Hi all, do you know any tensorflow implementation of CapsulNetwork with EM routing
    Wasif Feroze
    hi all
    MichaƂ Bednarek
    hi all. Great work!
    What GPU do you have?
    how capsule works with 3D images?
    @naturomics Can you give me idea how should I proceed with 3D medical images
    capsule network can be used for clustering?
    Ashley Gritzman
    Check out this implementation of "Matrix Capsules with EM Routing" that gets 95.4% accuracy on smallNORB: https://github.com/IBM/matrix-capsules-with-em-routing
    And here's the paper that goes with it: https://arxiv.org/abs/1907.00652
    Hello all. I am looking for a tensorflow 2 implementation of capsnets on 3d MRI images using 3D convolutions. any insight will be appreciated. thanks
    @MACVLX Did you get any luck on the tensorflow 2 using 3D convolutions? I am intrested as well
    Hello all. I am trying to implement capsnet on my data. I need to use the features obtained from capsulenet for my further work. I am confused if PrimaryCaps represents the trained features or the DigitCaps? Can anyone please help me with this. Thank you.