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Miguel Aragón
How are you installing RabbitMQ?
Alex Arriaga
I have an Ubuntu host, I installed it using a regular .deb package
# Running this command gives me
epmd -names

epmd: up and running on port 4369 with data:
name rabbit at port 25672
In my config.yaml I have:
    host: carbonldp.webtraining.zone
    port: 25672
Miguel Aragón
You need to enable RabbitMQ's STOMP plugin
And configure Carbon to connect to the STOMP port (normally 61613)
Our documentation is still lacking a proper guide on how to setup this but we are working on it
Alex Arriaga
Hi guys, I decided to create an issue in github regarding my real time error CarbonLDP/carbonldp-js-sdk#214
Alex Arriaga
Hello there
We created an application few months ago, we destroyed our development server but we saved our “data” folder. Is there any docs about how to restore this data into a brand new Carbon instance (localhost)?
We tried to paste our “data” folder directly replacing the existing folder in our localhost, but it didn’t work.
Miguel Aragón
You should be able to do that
Just make sure that the server is down when you do it
The server should automatically upgrade your data to the new model it is using
Unfortunately we haven't thoroughly tested this as there's a lot of different combinations to test
If that doesn't work, please send us your data and we'll help you from there
Context: I request it because as I understand this data isn't sensitive. The application was part of an internal hackaton. In external cases our support would be different.
Alex Arriaga
Just tried again, but I am not seeing my data… :shipit:
Miguel Aragón
What command are you using to run your platform?
And also, are you using a configuration file called config.yaml?
Miguel Aragón

We are happy to announce that a new major version has been released in our product lineup:


Main new features:

  • Support for external repositories (Stardog and remote RDF4J repositories like Graph DB)
  • Data change events (listen to the creation, deletion or modification of documents)
  • Document querying (query documents without leaving the document-based model)

Plus a lot of bugfixes and performance improvements

If you want to know more head over to carbonldp.com or subscribe to our newsletter to receive the release announcement
Mark Wilkinson

Hello all! Quick Q: Is it possible to "annotate" an LDP Container in Carbon LDP? effectively, I would like to add triples to the Container URI in which that Container URI is the subject of the triples. I tried using PUT, maintaining the existing ldp:contains and :member relationship triples of that container (which I understand is the only limitation in manipulating a LDP Container, as per the LDP spec... but maybe I am mis-reading that). The response is "An ETag wasn't provided and it is required to modify a document"@en - I did provide an ETag, so I think that must be a default error response when something else has gone wrong....

Any advice appreciated!

blanda luciano
By the end of this week, the documentation on that subject should be available. When it becomes available, I'll publish a link here. basketbros