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Feb 2015
Ben Blamey
Feb 17 2015 12:47
Please follow, enforce in code reviews, and amend with suggestions
They are guidelines not commandments.
Feb 17 2015 13:50
Would be great to redirect to have the website root redirect to the login page if they aren't logged in, and the projects page if there are :-)
Feb 17 2015 14:28
BTW all - Adam from Bedwas school will be coming Friday morning.
Ryan Gibbs
Feb 17 2015 14:38
Also, we're all over the redirection thing.
On it like a car bonnet as it were.
Feb 17 2015 14:40
Cracking! :fire:
Aled Davies
Feb 17 2015 15:11
read the coding standards @8bitJunk will post
for those who dont want to follow it review this gif
coding standards
Ben Blamey
Feb 17 2015 15:28
Please take a look at build/release checklist and fill in the blanks, amend, comment, etc. ........
Feb 17 2015 15:48
Code review next door @/all
Anyone else?
Adam Jama
Feb 17 2015 16:41