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Apr 2015
Grant Hutchins
Apr 19 2015 01:42
I'm about to release v1.0.0. The biggest change is moving the main parts of the search query into a subquery so that it plays nicer with other scopes. The other big change is a switch to semantic versioning. v1.0.0 is not meant as a more "finished" or more "complete" pg_search, but instead represents that pg_search has long been ready for production applications. I hope to increment the version number at the MINOR and PATCH levels often, with small incremental bug-fixes and features. I also have some ideas for a pg_search v2.0.0 with the lofty goal of switching out the syntax from the current Hash-based pg_search_scope method into a new DSL that is more expressive. Thanks to everyone who has been submitting issues and pull requests. I have been paying attention, although I don't have a lot of time to devote to this project. I appreciate all the hard work and I hope to start hitting some of the bigger issues soon. I appreciate everyone's patience. Thanks to everyone using the gem! We just hit 1,000 stars on Github and I'm humbled by the way that people have stepped up and helped out to develop this gem. Happy hacking!