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Jun 2015
Luciana Cançado
Jun 27 2015 23:03
Damian, as I look into the code for the 'Explained Visually' examples, I see that they use AngularJS in addition to D3 but I remember you mentioned you wanted to use React. So, as we work on the visualizations, should we try and use any of these frameworks or stick with D3 and html/markdown/pure JavaScript? If we want to use those frameworks, which one should we focus on? It seems that they both have a learning curve, with some people saying that react might be simpler.
Damian Betebenner
Jun 27 2015 23:25

Hi Luciana,

Ben can speak to this more authoritatively than I, but I suspect that getting something with D3 and html/markdown/pure JS to start would be great. We can simultaneously consider frameworks. I’ve heard great things about reactJS and am inclined to go that direction in my own work, but am not an authority. Thoughts?