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Jun 2015
Luciana Cançado
Jun 28 2015 16:50

Copying my email response here so that we are all on the same page. Damian forwarded me a tweet from Victor Powell where he mentions that the OLS explorable uses reactjs. It looks like he decided to change to reactjs from angular, his earlier explanations seem to have used angular based on the code.

It sounds like reactjs is the way to go in terms of framework, however it is a new framework and new way of writing code and there is a learning curve, so I'm afraid it might not be very straightforward for us (or at least me) to use it for this project at this point. I'll stick to D3/JS/html/markdown for now for my current module and in parallel I'll try and get better acquainted with reactjs. Maybe @bclinkinbeard can give us some more advice on this.