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Jul 2015
Gretchen Anderson
Jul 06 2015 13:03 UTC

@bclinkinbeard, I could use some help. In my stacked multiples graph, the columns represent individual students. But the multiples/stacked action breaks if I try to use the student name (or any string variable). It has to do with this code: data.forEach(function(d) { =;
d.value = +d.value;

Here is the element I was working on:

Gretchen Anderson
Jul 06 2015 13:58 UTC

My Raw Scale Score module outline:
I will post the actual script before lunch today.

I created the difficulty calcuation slider (,
the stacked-multiple charts (still need work-,
and have started work on the chromatic distributions ( Still need to workout displaying individual scores along with the categories so the scores can be toggled on and off.

I plan to use Luciana's lovely graph but so far I am having trouble isolating the parts I need.

Damian Betebenner
Jul 06 2015 15:13 UTC
Thanks Gretchen. As we work out wrinkles on the D3 visualizations, do you have a good draft of the text that will go along with the visualizations in place? It’s easy to get bogged down in the programming and make no progress so I’d be sure to get the text done and we can put in placeholders for the visualizations.
Ben Clinkinbeard
Jul 06 2015 17:56 UTC
Hi all, sorry for not responding to questions and requests, Gitter does not notify me of mentions even though I seem to have that option enabled. The best way to get my attention, especially during weeks I'm not actively working on this project, is probably creating a GitHub issue and mentioning me.
Damian Betebenner
Jul 06 2015 18:24 UTC
@ganders309 @lcancado Hi Luciana and Gretchen. Can we meet briefly at 3:00 to see whether there are any issues needing to be discussed? I’m not here tomorrow but will be here Wednesday and Thursday.
Gretchen Anderson
Jul 06 2015 18:32 UTC
Luciana Cançado
Jul 06 2015 18:57 UTC