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Apr 2015
Apr 11 2015 01:06

IMO, the best use is to firewall the ChaiScript parts so they only need to compile if you change what you are registering with ChaiScript

I actually split that in two parts. I didn't want to dynamically load the lib (for reasons). Now my code has the ScriptEngine.cpp, wich handles the creation of Chai and is the only file that includes and has to deal with its standard lib. Then i have a ScriptLibHelper.cpp wich deals with the registration so i dont have to recompile the stdlib every time i change something there.

Jason Turner
Apr 11 2015 13:05
Yes, I'm not really a huge fan of dynamically loading modules. Since ChaiScript is so easy to embed - why would you want to add moving parts to it. However, the functionality is there if anyone wants it. I couple of firewalls like you describe @mkalte666 make sense to me