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Apr 2015
Victor Lopez
Apr 13 2015 03:51
@lefticus My function returns an std::vector<std::string> but when I receive the parameter with var content := get_content() and try to use content.size() it does not recognize the function.
Victor Lopez
Apr 13 2015 03:57
I'll need to fix some errors due to massive allocation made by the compiler by using the header-only approach, after that I'll get back with what I did to tackle the issue.
Jason Turner
Apr 13 2015 12:38
@VictorJL it looks like you didn't tell ChaiScript anything about the std::vector<std::string> type, the easiest way is to do: chai->add(standard_library::vector_type<std::vector<std::string> >("StringVector")) like we do here for the std::vector<Boxed_Value> type