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Apr 2015
Jason Turner
Apr 19 2015 00:15

It's correct for eval_file to throw an exception if you are redefining a function in it. This is what I'd say makes sense:


// work.chai
// functions.chai
def someFunction(value) {
  return value * 3;
// from somewhere else:
This way you get to make sure the functions are defined exactly once, but still get to call into your work.chai as many times as you want to
Jason Turner
Apr 19 2015 03:15
FYI, @VictorJL @arBmind in the cleanups I've done lately I've eliminated the copy that used to occur when creating a new object. I've kind of managed to emulate a C++ r-value move. Here's a bit of information on it: ChaiScript/ChaiScript#154