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May 2015
Glen Fraser
May 04 2015 17:24
For fun, I tried linking chai with TCMalloc from Google's gperftools -- it's supposed to be a faster malloc, and ChaiScript does loads of little allocations and frees. In my test case above (running many more iterations, so I'd have a longer profiling sample), performance improved by about 15-20% using this custom allocator (21 seconds -> 17 seconds) when threading support was enabled, and by over 30% with threading disabled (13.5 seconds -> 9 seconds)...
Jason Turner
May 04 2015 18:33
I've debated if I might be able to put my own custom allocator in for my internal stuff, but haven't actually tried
I'm not surprised tcmalloc helps that much though
oh, and if you haven't pulled from 'develop' yet today, expect to see another 20% speedup or so