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Nov 2015
Sandu Liviu Catalin
Nov 23 2015 19:23
I tried to compile the basic example with stdlib on MinGW GCC 5.2.0 x32 with '-Wall -std=c++14 -O3' and the executable crashes immediately after printing 'Hello Bob!' Am I doing something wrong?
Sandu Liviu Catalin
Nov 23 2015 19:33
Same with -std=c++11 and MinGW GCC 4.9.3 x32.
Jason Turner
Nov 23 2015 19:43
That's a bug in MinGW, I'm trying to sort it out, but if you compile with -DCHAISCRIPT_NO_THREADS the issue will go away
@iSLC ChaiScript/ChaiScript#225
Sandu Liviu Catalin
Nov 23 2015 20:13
Indeed this works now. I was just about to try without threading after some search results suggested trying to run without DEP. And knowing how threading sucks on MinGW.