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Apr 2017
Apr 18 2017 00:50
@lefticus In my opinion ChaiScript is a brilliant C++ project, it is fun to read the code base and learn new stuff about C++ but often while working with ChaiScript I find myself writing boilerplate code, exposing C++ classes is one example. Do you have any future plan to make exposing one line of code? Thanks for support!
Jason Turner
Apr 18 2017 00:57
Any future plans to make exposing code easier relies on C++ adding reflection support
without that it's virtually impossible
or using something like SWIG to generate the bindings for you
Harish Bhagat
Apr 18 2017 13:29

I've had a look at the example you posted but I'm still having an issue. It's an eval error of "Incomplete Class Block" when the sound object is created in script.

class Script

auto s = Sound("test.mp3", true);

def Script()

def Start()


def Update(dt)

def LateUpdate(dt)

def Destroy()


The way the class is registered is that a static function returns a module from the sound class whenever a new script is created and adds it to the file. The static function is:

chaiscript::ModulePtr Sound::getModule()
    // Create module pointer
    chaiscript::ModulePtr module = std::make_shared<chaiscript::Module>();

    // Define type
    module->add(chaiscript::user_type<Sound>(), "Sound");

    // Register base class
    module->add(chaiscript::base_class<Component, Script>());

    // Register class
    chaiscript::utility::add_class<Sound>(*module, "Sound",
        chaiscript::constructor<Sound(std::string& path, const bool make2D)>(),
        chaiscript::constructor<Sound(const Sound&)>()
        {chaiscript::fun(&Sound::is3D), "is3D"},
        {chaiscript::fun(&Sound::isLooped), "isLooped"},
        {chaiscript::fun(&Sound::isPaused), "isPaused"},
        {chaiscript::fun(&Sound::setPath), "setPath"},
        {chaiscript::fun(&Sound::getPath), "getPath"},
        {chaiscript::fun(&Sound::loop), "loop"},
        {chaiscript::fun(&Sound::pause), "pause"},
        {chaiscript::fun(&Sound::play), "play"},
        {chaiscript::fun(&Sound::playOnce), "playOnce"},
        {chaiscript::fun(&Sound::playLoop), "playLoop"},
        {chaiscript::fun(&Sound::getVolume), "getVolume"},
        {chaiscript::fun(&Sound::setVolume), "setVolume"},

    return module;

Any idea what the cause is?

Jason Turner
Apr 18 2017 14:17
You cannot do in class initialization of members in ChaiScript. You need to initialize your s object in the Script() constructor