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Jun 2017
Jason Turner
Jun 18 2017 00:30
It's generally just not necessary with ChaiScript, since it's a header only library
but I haven't looked into getting the cmake package stuff set up correctly
Raoul Wols
Jun 18 2017 08:41
@StanEpp find_package is like specifying a static library for your compiler... what I mean by that is that you have to have a corresponding FindX.cmake file in your CMAKE_MODULE_PATH when you do find_package(X). Cmake ships with a lot of FindX.cmake files by itself, but most projects must supply their own FindX.cmake file in order for other people to use find_package. So, essentially, it's up to @lefticus to supply that file. You don't truly have to use find_package, you could just drop the header files of chaiscript in your source tree. It'd be nice to have functionality for find_package though, because header-only libs (so called INTERFACE libraries in cmake jargon) can also provide their compiler flags like -std=c++14 and then transitively pass them to the targets that link with them.
Jun 18 2017 09:46
@rwols thanks for the answer! I was searching for the chaiscriptConfig.cmake file but couldn't find it, so I thought I'd better ask. :)
@lefticus Is the chaiscript_stdlib not needed anymore? I remember that you could link against it for faster compilation and e.g. later on just omit it for the release product.
Jason Turner
Jun 18 2017 19:36
@StanEpp it is not needed any more. I moved away from it in ChaiScript 6.0 because of far too many issues with users wanting to use the chaiscript_stdlib with a mis-matched build. Or didn't have one available at all and were getting runtime exceptions from the stdlib not existing in the path. Now the default is that the stdlib is compiled in, and if you want to you can use ChaiScript_Basic to explicitly make it a separate compilation