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Oct 2017
Martin Chang
Oct 22 2017 12:26
@fwsGonzo ChaiScript is built using only standard C++ while delegates is a MSVC CLR feature. So, no. ChaiScript does not support it
Alf-André Walla
Oct 22 2017 18:11
Sorry, I was talking about the zero-overhead replacement for std::function delegates (that also supports member functions)
I'm using them in all my projects now and its a 1:1 replacement for std::function which (if i remember correctly) always allocates and copies stuff
Brandan Lasley
Oct 22 2017 18:43
@marty1885 Use the Chaiscript extras math. That includes most of the cmath stuff
I had to use std::function in my game engine to make it work correctly with Chaiscript. I don't know of a better way to do that yet.
This is kind of the rough draft of how it works in my engine.