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Dec 2017
Nilotpal Bhuyan
Dec 06 2017 01:55
Fine. Listen can you recommend me some reading materials?
Dec 06 2017 05:22
After the update of my Visual Studio installation I get the following cl.exe version 19.12.25830.2. I then created a new standard c++ project and tried to compile the a basic example. I got this error: Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error C2760 syntax error: unexpected token 'const', expected 'expression' Project1 c:\users\schoetbi\...\chaiscript_eval.hpp 306
My example was:
#include "chaiscript/chaiscript.hpp"
int main() {
  chaiscript::ChaiScript chai;

  auto ast = chai.parse(R"(
Jason Turner
Dec 06 2017 13:46
@schoetbi this is the bug report from you also: ChaiScript/ChaiScript#390
@ThePaul51 reading materials about what?