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Jan 2018
Tharindu Mathew
Jan 25 2018 03:06
hey, so i'm trying to pass in glm::vec3 objects to chaiscript, first time trying this
I want to exexcute this function glm::length(glm::vec3 something)
should I do chai.add(chaiscript::fun(&glm::length), "glm::length") ?
Tharindu Mathew
Jan 25 2018 04:04
so, 5.8.1 does not work with msvc 2013, tried building it as well, and still the same errors
Tharindu Mathew
Jan 25 2018 04:41
10>\ChaiScript-5.7.0\include\chaiscript/dispatchkit/bootstrap.hpp(392): error C2783: 'std::shared_ptr<_Ty> std::make_shared(_Types &&...)' : could not deduce template argument for '_Ty'
10> C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\include\memory(1000) : see declaration of 'std::make_shared'
even for 5.7.0
Jason Turner
Jan 25 2018 16:41
First question: now you would not want to give it the name "glm::length" you'd just want to give it the name "length" and ChaiScript will figure out the types of the parameters.
Second question: pre 6.0.0 should work on MSVC 2013. I need to see exactly what you are trying to compile, and what compiler flags you are using.
Tharindu Mathew
Jan 25 2018 17:58
Screenshot 2018-01-25 12.56.57.png
Hey, thanks for getting back @lefticus. This project looks fantastic. Hopefully, I can make it work. So, I tried compiling with default flags for MSVC 2013 x64, i.e. Visual Studio 12 2013 Win 64, using cmake. Did not change any flags, as per the screenshot, it failed for these 3 versions, 5.8.6, 5.8.0, 5.7.0
same error for all version, so I'm doubtful downgrading will make it work