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Mar 2018
Tharindu Mathew
Mar 14 2018 19:20
So, I got chaiscript working for my use case, it's great
now I have a problem that my app is slow
after profiling I see that chaiscript Thread_Storage<chaiscript::detail::Stack_Holder> is eating a lot of my performance
any tips on improving performance, I'm using 5.8.6 with VS 2013
Jason Turner
Mar 14 2018 22:51
If you don't required thread safety use -DCHAISCRIPT_NO_THREADS. This will make it something like 20% faster. Also, benchmarking ChaiScript accurately is very hard, so don't assume that where your profiler is saying it's spending a lot of time, that it is.
Finally, upgrade to 6.0 and upgrade your compiler :) in all seriousness VS 2017 generates MUCH better code, and each release of chaiscript is faster than the last
and also, if you are running it inside Visual Studio's debugger - that is very slow. I've tried to minimize the impact of that, but it's slow regardless from inside the debugger. ChaiScript relies heavily on compiler optimizations