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Dec 2018
Germán Diago
Dec 10 2018 07:54
Hello. I have been using ChaiScript for a while.
I did not find any problem with its speed for my use cases
but I am still wondering
if a speed boost could be achieved
making all the methods, etc.
being resolved in a different way
I think that currently, ChaiScript is using strings
for things that are immutable most of the time (method names, etc.)
wouldn't it be more effective to use some kind of immutable string and/or hashing for method resolution? Not sure, though, if this can be done. I do not know the design deeply
As commented, for my use cases speed has not been a problem, though speed is something that is always good to have, specially in games, since the more speed you have, the more scripted code you can do
My real pain point (and this was a real one, not in theory) is the lack of some kind of stackful coroutines compared to Lua and Python.