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Nov 2014
Charles Gust
Nov 09 2014 18:19
Do you guys have a time window you want to be at CF today? I was planning on 10-3, but I'm here now and can't get in the door with the door code Dan gave us in October.
Charles Gust
Nov 09 2014 19:39

Two minor things. Remember how I said there had to be a decorator for checking is_authenticated because otherwise this gets repeated in every function? There is. It's called @login_required. Check the docs, but I think we can live with the default behavior for most of our pages.

The second thing is very minor. Can you both run this command:
touch ~/.gitignore_global
and then, edit the ~/.gitignore_global file adding at least the line:
and after saving ~/.gitignore_global, running the command:
git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore_global

Ben Friedland
Nov 09 2014 21:23
I'm going to head in to CF soon, probably be there in about an hour or so.