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I need someone to help me setup my classes and factions.
There aren't many people here and just begging for stuff doesn't make people want to help you. In the future just tell us (or others) your problem
I didnt, beg at all.
I just said i need help
Calm your little balls.
Rishikesh Taware
Kyu Yeon Lee
join discord for more fast help
I have been having some issues with getting nutscript onto my server. I put the hl2rp-1.1 and nutsceipt
Nutscript-.1.1*, sorry I hit enter by accident... into my garrysmod/gamemode directory. I am expecting to join my server and it will be running nutscript, but it still runs sandbox. Do I need to do any more or any less to make nutscript work?
From what I have determined, I may need to simply put hl2rp-1.1 and not nutscript-1.1 into garrysmod/gamemodes... I will try this
Enter https://discord.gg/QUbmYuD for more help
You need to rename Nutscript-1.1 to nutscript and hl2rp-1.1 to hl2rp
then set your server's gamemode to hl2rp
javier ugagon
im doing a hl2rp server in spanish
and i want to change the language of the cpc to spanish i have the wav or vpk archives
how i do that?
Thadah Denyse
You'd have to make an addon with the sounds.
I have this addon already available in my workshop
javier ugagon
But when i download the addon in the server what i do?
So, hands in city RP are always raised, n' stuff. How to fix that?
i am using the hl2 schema but i want to change the menu from hl2 to something different so when people load in it doesn't say hl2. how do i change it?
Acces plugin give me that error [ERROR] gamemodes/hl2rp/plugins/access/sh_plugin.lua:223: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got number) Can anybody help me. Thanks in advance
Thadah Denyse
I recommend you to use the Readers plugin, it's a lot more simple and updated for Rebel's NS
I have too, but I planed use access plugin for apartament doors like hotel, room 1 whit keycard 1, and citizens have a key whit own house.
Thadah Denyse
Hm... I guess you'd need something as sophisticated as Access for that. I don't know if someone has updated it to a working state again though
Hey does any one here know how to code nutscript. If so I can give you domain acess and help me out major cause the orig coder im h aving isn't helping me at all ;-;
javier ugagon
If you pay me
@FgCaboose if you pay me xd

[ERROR] gamemodes/hl2rp/gamemode/init.lua:3: attempt to index field 'schema' (a nil value)

  1. unknown - gamemodes/hl2rp/gamemode/init.lua:3

Couldn't Load Init Script: 'hl2rp/gamemode/init.lua'
[AddCSLuaFile] Couldn't find 'hl2rp/schema/sh_schema.lua' (@gamemodes/nutscript/gamemode/core/sh_util.lua (line 14))
Couldn't include file 'hl2rp\schema\sh_schema.lua' (File not found) (@gamemodes/nutscript/gamemode/core/sh_util.lua (line 17))

Any idea..? I've not made any changes to the files myself.

Hey does anyone know how I can set faction HP?
also, how can I perma the vendors?
I saw client.character in an old nutscript 1.0 gamemode. Is there an updated version of that in 1.1?
This message was deleted
If you wish to be assisted in what NutScript is concerned, please join our discord server! All of our developers, news and updates are there. Join the official NutScript server by clicking in this link: https://discord.gg/CWBJcX
How to I upgrade my player stats? like by running it increases your speed and endurance?
Hey guys from gitter!
We have a new forum
Hi, one question, ┬┐how i put armor in a vest?
The Reviewing Cat
hello is anyone able to help me?
is there a console command to whitelist donators for example?