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Jan 2016
Wesley B
Jan 13 2016 00:47
I am writing a project in ECMScript2016 (ES7). I am looking for a JSDoc-like tool that will allow this. I am expecting I will need to ignore the code for class-level and static class-level properties (the only ES7 feature I am using), and explicitly document the properties. Does jsdoccer have a way to achieve this?
Chet Harrison
Jan 13 2016 18:32
@iosulfur I must admit I went ES6 last summer and haven't had time to update jsdoccer. I would have to see what kind of ASTs the new syntax generates in order to create new matchers but I can't say I have the time to get to it in the near future. Feel free to contrib if you are up for it.
Wesley B
Jan 13 2016 23:17
Ah. Understood. The real gem is ESDoc, which is a rewrite of JSDoc with ES6 in mind from the start (instead of Java). But there is no way to make it work well with ES7. This morning I ended up writing a plugin for JSDoc to ignore the ES7 syntax used in my project. It's ES6 support is good enough, and now I just need to remember to explicitly document any ES7 code that my plugin comments out.