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Repo info

    I tried to use the package Circuitscape after adding the package and I got this error

    ERROR: InitError: could not load library "C:\users\lhunt-pr.julia\artifacts\93a12a1f028ecc90665616e44072e4da65aea23\bin\libcurl-4.dll" the specified procedure could not be found.

    9 replies
    @ranjanan @vlandau Just responding to a post on my closed thread that I didn't respond to in time! The .ini file IS written by starting a job on v4 and then cancelling, just FYI. So worked well as a solution for me, as someone not super confident in editing the .ini file myself.
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    Hi! I'm working on Circuitscape from previously using Omniscape (still pretty new to both though). I'm having trouble understanding how to set the source and ground nodes. Does anyone have a good link to a good step-by-step guide for how to set up a Circuitscape .ini? The info on the circuitscape.org site was useful for conceptualizing the ideas but not as much for carrying out the analysis. Won't be surprised if it's obvious and I just missed it...