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Repo info
Markus H. Maussner
on my localbox (which the vagrant is running the "https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/" is accessible)
Brian Long
https://mantl.io is down and I get a cloudflare message: "This page (http://mantl.io/) is currently offline. However, because the site uses Cloudflare's Always Online™ technology you can continue to surf a snapshot of the site. We will keep checking in the background and, as soon as the site comes back, you will automatically be served the live version. Always Online™ is powered by Cloudflare | Hide this Alert" Is mantl still being actively developed?
Javad Karabi
anyone in here
Travis Rowland
@karabijavad We are in the #mantl Mattermost chatroom, you can join us here: https://mattermost.dynamictivity.com/signup_user_complete/?id=pjksr6h977n4zxxyto3ojp8twa
Hi, seems bintray is down, all files on 1.3 inaccessible... https://shippedrepos.bintray.com/mantl-1.3/, and file shows as forbidden. Anyone any ideas?
Travis Rowland
@shaunstoltz Please see this related issue for the solution: mantl/mantl#2022
Ryan Anguiano
Thanks @Theaxiom, I just changed enabled to 0 at https://github.com/mantl/mantl/blob/master/roles/repos/templates/asteris-mantl-rpm.repo#L5 and it worked
Travis Rowland
@ryananguiano Thanks, I just updated the code to reflect your changes.
Jamie Nelson
Hi all, arethere any developers of Mantl online? There are two failures that happen when following the aws setup guide
Thats a screen of one of the ansible errors
another error
its as though Docker didn't get installed on the cluster
is Mantl still being supported ??
by opensource community, ir seems so
but this chat is pretty much dead afaik
Travis Rowland
Sorry @Jamie-BitFlight @bamike and @Zogg -- I just saw this in my e-mail, I was on vacation in December and am just now getting caught up on all my e-mail. Mantl is being re-written from scratch. Our primary chat channel is in Mattermost, which you can find in the README of the Mantl repo.
Matt Johnson
Hi @Theaxiom. Lets solve this annoying "where is mantl / where is the community" problem once and for all.
Would it be better if we closed/deleted this gitter room. Also, where is the current development effort/GH repo/website?
Travis Rowland
The new "Mantl" platform will end up here: https://github.com/cloud-endeavor/endeavor
We would like to use Gitter, but unfortunately they will not allow us to migrate this Gitter channel from CiscoCloud because we are not admins at CiscoCloud on GitHub
Active discussion regarding the re-write of Mantl is here: cloud-endeavor/endeavor#1
And here: mantl/mantl#1947
Thanks @matjohn2 for the initiative! :+1: :smile:
Matt Johnson
@Theaxiom thanks for the info. happy to do the migration if i can be provided access to the destination repo, as i'm a CiscoCloud admin
Travis Rowland
@matjohn2 You already belong to the Mantl group on GitHub, thanks!
Arun Singh
how to fix this.
  • aws_subnet.main[2]: 1 error(s) occurred:
Travis Rowland
@arunsingh it appears you provided an invalid value for the availability zone -- based on the error output.
Arun Singh
@Theaxiom What should I write in availability zone ; can you give hints or any pointer?
Travis Rowland
@arunsingh It depends in which AWS datacenter you are using, you have to specify a proper Availability Zone for AWS.
Arun Singh
@Theaxiom let say ap-northeast-1. then for this AWS data center I have to write ap-northeast-1
Travis Rowland
@arunsingh TIAS (Try It And See) -- I know for oregon I would use something like us-west-2b
Arun Singh
thanks @Theaxiom I will TIAS , let you know it worked or not
Arun Singh
@Theaxiom its not working
Installing Mantl in AWS, when I execute this command ansible-playbook -e @security.yml mantl.yml, the following message I am getting - failed: [mantl-aws-control-02] => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "rc": 0, "results": []}
msg: No Package matching 'epel-release' found available, installed or updated
Any help ?
I have installed epel-release-7-11.noarch.rpm
Travis Rowland
@all I am currently working on the first version of "Endeavor" which will be the new Mantl. Keep an eye out for a release in the coming months.
You can follow the progress here: cloud-endeavor/endeavor#1
Travis Rowland
I just wanted to give you all an update on the progress of Endeavor (the new version of Mantl). I had an in-person discussion with Shannon, one of the co-founders of Rancher. We discussed a high-level overview of what we hope to accomplish using Rancher as our foundation. I am setting up a meeting with him very shortly, if anyone is interested in joining the meeting please let me know on Mattermost. I will need you to send me your personal contact info, etc. You can join Mattermost using this link: https://mattermost.dynamictivity.com/signup_user_complete/?id=pjksr6h977n4zxxyto3ojp8twa

I have come up with a tentative plan for Endeavor. I am very excited to share it with you all. It will have complete end-to-end CI/CD for both containerized and legacy applications. Here are some of the tool options which will comprise the first version of Endeavor:

  • GitLab
  • Rancher
  • Artifactory
  • SonarQube
  • Rundeck
  • SourceGraph
  • More coming soon...

The goal is to provide a complete DevOps platform, built on immutable infrastructure and be enterprise ready/compatible; at the same time, we want to keep the options open for those who cannot pay for licensing costs so we will be using all OSS software.

Again, you all can join the conversation and follow along here: cloud-endeavor/endeavor#1
Is Mantl still alive? Lots of forks, but no development.
I'm deploying Mesos with Ansible where I work, but Mantl seems to cover most of the bases for what I need already.
I tried deploying a Vagrant build but it fails (it's also using very old version of Mesos, so there could be substantial upgrade work).
Travis Rowland
@awltux Mantl is dead, the successor is alive but behind corporate bureaucracy and I am trying to liberate it through proper channels.

Hi all,
I am a researcher who is working on security in microservices systems. Recently, I have developed a machine learning-based tool that can automatically identify security discussions with high accuracy from the issue tracking system of microservices systems (e.g., eShopOnContainers projects on GitHub {https://github.com/dotnet-architecture/eShopOnContainers}).

If you have any experience in microservices, I am keen to invite you to kindly complete a mini-survey, which aims to assess the usefulness of our tool. Your participation is important for me to correctly assess our tool and find possible areas for improvement. Please note that this mini-survey will take just 3-5 minutes of your time and is anonymous.
The min-survey link is :[https://qfreeaccountssjc1.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6Mtrbd4qyhdlS6x]