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Zach Seils
Thanks for the reply @benschumacher. I'll create a separate account to use with shipped.
Meir Wahnon
love the idea! but I would emphasize more in the website that your the fastest way to run "micro-services"...
Jacky Mahadab
Can't login to shipped , getting "URL inaccessible" once trying to sign up with GitHub
just looked into https://ciscoshipped.io/ and it would be nice if there was a short description of what Shipped is. It would help to gain a quick understanding before getting deeer.
Ben Schumacher
@safreita That's good feedback. We'll create an issue to track that. Did you have any questions about it?
@benschumacher yes trying to understand and see it in action, is there a video that demo (explains Shipped) from a functional perspective, i.e. what it does and the user experience? I saw the walk through on the documentation and it helped, looking for more.
Cihan Sahin
What is the deployed application url? %.shipped-cisco.com ... I deployed my test project but can't seem to find how to access it
Ben Schumacher
@cihansahin correct. If you've deployed there should be a link with to the deployed app.
I'm trying to upload a screenshot here, but for some reason it's not working.
Ben Schumacher
Shipped -- Deploy.png
Cihan Sahin
Thanks @benschumacher just found that tiny little link before you posted :)
Ben Schumacher
Cihan Sahin
@benschumacher I deployed a build which would crash at runtime, it passed the build state and got stuck at deploy state - which is kind of expected. But it never timed out, asked me to cancel it manually because deploy is taking too long. Is this by design?
I guess I should say is there a healthcheck timeout value by default?
Cihan Sahin
I can't login to the website right now..
how to un-deploy the service.
got it.. thanks
Arun prasath

Hi guys, just trying out Shipped and Mantl. If my marathon runs at https://arusekar-marathon.cisco.com:8080/ , what should be my URL and URL template in ciscoshipped ?

URL = https://arusekar-marathon.cisco.com:8080/
URL template = https://%s.arusekar-marathon.cisco.com:8080/

doesn't work.

An error occurred saving Deploy Target: Internal Server Error {"id":"a9b511a8-a614-11e5-b6b6-0242ac1101f2","project_id":"1e825645-a497-11e5-a6ce-0242ac1102a1","type":"marathon","name":"test-arusekar","opts":{"http_auth":{"pass":"secret","user":"admin"},"url":"https://arusekar-marathon.cisco.com:8080/"},"deployed_url_template":"http://%s.arusekar-marathon.cisco.com:8080/","is_public_target":false}'

Paul-Emmanuel Vandenburie
Hi there!
When trying to log using my Github account, I get a 404 error... Did I missed something ?
Beside, I authorized the Shipped application in my account.
Ben Schumacher
@pevandenburie Sorry about the delay in response here. We had a small outage that is the likely source of that 404.
how to import Enterprise github repo ?
is this project dead ?
how to delete a deployment? I can't find the button to delete the deployment...
Neelesh Pateriya
@ethersu Currently need to delete environment. Deploy-> Env -> Settings -> Env settings ->Delete
Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.03.47 AM.png
Kevin Corbin
once i have an app deployed how can i view the logs from the dashboard?
Kevin Corbin
This is looking REALLY good guys! Keep up the great work!!
New to these forums. Looking forward to learn
what's the health check verification point? i've created a golang application and committed, the build is passed, however the health check is always stucked
after checking the auto generated main.go, the default port for golang application is 8888, and it prints a hello text when accessing root. for the application tried, i also followed this port and / handler, but the health check didn't work
Kevin Corbin
I'm not sure if this is expected or not, but when I create a service from an existing Repo, shipped makes a commit that seeds the drone buildpack files, but it does not seed any of the run/build/test files or create the .shipped directory.
HI what DB does shipped support
Hi I have created one web application
and deployed on shipped
but when I run that application it gives error
Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() in /var/www/html/connection.php on line 8
can any one plz help
Pablo Cruz
hello i am using shipped on my mantl cluster to deploy a database backend and a frontend, what do i need to consider to link this containers together?
Pablo Cruz
is something wrong with the web interface in shipped? i deployed something but the progress bar never stop, but in my marathon ui the service is alredy deploy, does something to do with dependencies between services?
by the way that happens with the multi tier lab example, can some helpme
How did you link your mantl cluster and shipped? may l ask what you've copied to URL/URL template on environment setting?
Pablo Cruz
i just follow the lab example until the part when you deploy the services, in that part i get the problem that i mention before
Sam Byers
ciscoshipped.io SSL cert has expired
Is the project active?
{"error":"no connections available"} when I try to login using github
Any news on the error: "no connections available"
Ryan Huff
Is there anyway to also get a bitbucket integration. GitHub is great .... but I prefer bitbucket.
Michael Chenetz
Shipped dead :worried:
Shipped is no longer being developed or supported, and will soon be archived on DevNet