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Feb 2016
Chris Howe-Jones
Feb 22 2016 08:41
Really worth looking at courses by Eric Normand. The link above links to his courses and you can get them all for free until the end of Feb using the voucher code that appears in checkout after you've purchased.
For those of you who write web apps in other languages there's a course on web development and one on how to build a Single Page App using the Om library. (FYI Om is soon to be replaced by Om Next which is in Beta but it will teach all the concepts. Reagent is a popular alternative for ClojureScript SPA's you might want to check out too)
I hope you all had fun....I did! :smile:
Chris Howe-Jones
Feb 22 2016 08:47
Correction, I've just checked and the link to courses expires 31st March so you have a little more check them out though.
Feb 22 2016 09:38
Chris Ford
Feb 22 2016 10:19
If you like Eric's work, you might like to let him know on Twitter (@ericnormand). I know feedback means a to him.
Chris Howe-Jones
Feb 22 2016 10:48
Or if you have criticism (constructive please) I am sure Eric would like to know how he can improve his material.