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Oct 2016
Russell Dunphy
Oct 01 2016 15:16
Simple method for writing a function by starting with a specific example:
;; How to write a function to multiply a number by 4

;; step 1 - start with a specific example (in this case, 7)
(* 4 7)

;; step 2 - wrap the example in (defn [] ..)

(defn multiply-by-4 []
  (* 4 7))

;; step 3 - replace the specific values with general "arguments"
(defn multiply-by-4 [n]
  (* 4 n))
Russell Dunphy
Oct 01 2016 15:23
List of open source Clojure projects, with many highlighted as "beginner friendly", if you want to make some open-source contributions!
Kara de la Marck
Oct 01 2016 16:53
For those interested in attending more programming workshops (free!), my loudest shout out goes to: codebar ( It is a great community and many of today's teachers may want to consider attending as a coach :)
Other great communities that run talks/workshops: Ladies of Code, WWC, Code and Cake, Women Hack for NonProfits, EmpowerHack
Oct 01 2016 20:12
Thanks so much for a fabulous day and a half! You are such generous people and great teachers. It's not often I go on a course and get on line that evening to do a bit more!
Chris Howe-Jones
Oct 01 2016 21:46
You're welcome and glad you enjoyed it!