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Akhilesh D. kapse
I am Akhilesh Kapse
I just found this amazing tool (EvalAI) as a big game changer initiative project.
Looking forward for contribution in this project
Giriraj Roy
Hey! I am a beginner in the Open Source field.
I know intermediate machine learning and basics of deep learning and Computer Vision.
I am also started with web development (on Vanilla JS and a few libraries).
I am very excited to contribute to the community. Can someone direct me which issue should I take up?
Pi Esposito
Hey people. I'm trying to use EvalAI where I work for some internal stuff but I can't even build the Dockerfile
It yields this: failed to solve: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to solve with frontend dockerfile.v0: failed to create LLB definition: pull access denied, repository does not exist or may require authorization: server message: insufficient_scope: authorization failed
Can anyone helpe me? FYI I'm using MacOS Big Sur
1hello folks, unable to login to evalAI page. Page loads and service is up. Any ideas on how to debug this?
shubham yadav
hello, I was trying to install using the cmd - docker-compose up --build but i am getting he following error-
The image for the service you're trying to recreate has been removed. If you continue, volume data could be lost. Consider backing up your data before continuing.
what should i do?
i tried docker login again
what should i do now?
Hi all,
I am Mani. I want to contribute to EvalAI. Can someone help me get started as I am new to opensource and want to develop this into a habit
Uzair Ali

hello, I was trying to install using the cmd - docker-compose up --build but i am getting he following error-
The image for the service you're trying to recreate has been removed. If you continue, volume data could be lost. Consider backing up your data before continuing.
what should i do?
i tried docker login again
what should i do now?

Hey, I've fixed this through Cloud-CV/EvalAI#3631

After this PR is merged it should be fine

From yesterday, the evalai is broken. And my submission is always the state of "submitted". I got no results until now.
hello there,
I am Yogesh, I am pursuing an undergraduate program in computer engineering.
I am a third-year student(fifth semester). I want to work on this project. this is my first open project which i will be enrolling in. I am ready to learn new things. I know basic programming in Python and have learned Django and made a few projects. As we know cloud computing is at boom. so that is why I want to start my career in cloud computing and I'm really excited to learn about cloud computing and different things like AWS and docker.
please guide me as I am a beginner.
if you think I should learn some new things to enroll in this project please tell me
Thanks in Advance
and is there any other platform for this project where people are more active then plz let me know
Sayan Mondal
@Ram81 @deshraj
Will EVAL AI participate in GSoC 2022 this year?
I see a few backend projects like Monitoring setup for EvalAI admins and Analytics dashboards for challenge hosts and participants that were not implemented last year.
I wish to work on them.
Will these be relevant projects for this year as well ?
Kang Minchul

Hello :) I am Kang Minchul, forth-year student of University of Seoul, South Korea.
If CloudCV/EvalAI is going to be on GSOC 2022, I want to participate on this project.

I've been working as undergraduate researcher in maching learning systems lab, and
worked as django, djangorestframework instructor in various academy for 3 years.
(I have made several lectures online and offline about python & django & django restframework. )
And I have work experiences in OpenSource Consulting INC and PentaSecurity Systems.

Also, I can use and communicate with git. I wrote some books called [git/github for everyone] (written in Korean), which will be published in 2022.3. , and I have been contributing to serveral open source projects like uftrace, chromium etc..

I've been using CloudCV/EvalAI for my research for long time, so I thought it will be great if I can contribute on this project in GSOC 2022. I'll analyze CloudCV/EvalAI's code and send some patches before GSOC 2022 gets started,
so CloudCV/EvalAI is going to be on GSOC 2022, please pick me as a mentee!

Hello, I am Arunim Basak, a second-year student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad (ISM), India.
I am pursuing an undergraduate program in mechanical engineering. I am new to open source contributions but I know python and learning Machine Learning using Pytorch. I would love to contribute to this project.
So please guide me as a beginner and guide me on how to get started. I would love to learn new things.
Vaibhav Patel
Hello everyone, I'm Vaibhav Patel, a Final year student pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science. I have joined the community a few days back and I am really amazed by the people in this community and would love to start my open-source contribution journey. I'm currently learning Docker and have a good hands on Python and Django as I have created multiple projects using it. I'm really excited to start my open-source journey so can anyone please guide me in my initial stages?
I Tried to set up the EvaiAI on my local machine but I'm getting error while installing pycurl from the dev/requirements, and I'm using Python 3.10, can anyon help me out with it?
I looked out in common errors but did not find mine one. Should I switch to Python 3.8 and then try?
Hello everyone !! I'm Kaustubh and Imma sophomore at IIIT Ranchi studying computer science. I have intermediate experience in Machine learning, deep learning and computer vision. As of backend I know my way around using Flask and basics of Django. AI related stuff intrigues me and makes me want to learn more. I'd love to contribute to EvalAi's projects and be useful in any way possible. Looking forward to a journey with great learning experience. Here's my github profile : https://github.com/kaustubh-s1
Vaibhav Patel
Hey, anyone can help, I'm trying to setup the EvalAI on my Local machine but I'm facing some issues while installing the dependencies, can anyone help?
Ram Ramrakhya
Hi @Vaibhav-1904, please follow the instructions mentioned here https://github.com/Cloud-CV/EvalAI#installation-instructions for setting up EvalAI docker setup

Hi @kaustubh-s1 @Vaibhav-1904 @kangtegong @20JE0187,

Welcome to CloudCV!

To get started you guys can set up EvalAI locally by following the instructions on our github repository and try playing around with the platform to get familiar. We will be releasing the starter tasks for new contributors to pick up soon so keep an eye out on our github issues page.

Ayush Verma
Hi, I am Ayush, CS student at TIET, India. I would like to contribute to EvalAI. I am a beginner, can some peers show me around of how I can help the project?
Siddharth Samal
Hi everyone. I am Siddharth Samal.
I want to start my Open source journey with Cloud CV projects. EvalAI repo looks like a great start to me. I am currently working as Software Engineer in Oracle. I have a good hands on product development in Python, REST, Machine Learning, building pipelines using Pyspark, Cloud development etc. Since GSOC is allowing 18+ people (not limited to college students only) to participate this year, I am optimistic to begin and start this journey.
image.png @Ram81 I'm getting this error while setting up EvalAi locally using docker. After running docker-compose up --build, a few dependencies are installed but this pops up. Any pointers on how to go about this ? PS - The OS is MacOS M1.
Hello everyone, I am Harsha Vardhan , 1st year undergraduate student from Nit Warangal. In present i am learning django and i will complete it soon , can anyone suggest me what to do after django, to contribute my myself in this opensource more effectively
Gautam Jajoo
Hey @kaustubh-s1 ! Can you add the following to the nodejs dockerfile? This would mostly resolve the issue
FROM --platform=linux/amd64 node:12.4.0
Purna Chandra Mansingh
Hi Team, I am Purna Chandra Mansingh, I am new to open source and want to be part of GSoC 22.
I have a little knowledge of Data Science and Machine learning using python and I am good in Data Structure & Algorithms.
Could you please guide me on which project is suitable for me to start with?
@gautamjajoo Thanks for that. That seemed to work and the build ran successfully for quite some time before this came "service 'worker' failed to build."
Prakriti Shankar Shetty
Hi everyone! I'm Prakriti Shetty, a second year undergraduate studying at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. I'm familiar with the basics of backend and frontend dev(C++, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, Django, MATLAB, React, NodeJS, vanillaJS), and a little bit of ML as well. I really want to begin my journey into Open Source by contributing to Cloud CV's Eval AI. I have looked at the source code repo pointed out in a lot of the previous threads, but I'm afraid I was a little lost when I went to study the codebase. Could anyone guide me about how to navigate around large codebases and understand the code flow?
Princeton D'souza
Hi Everyone,
I am second year computer science undergraduate. I am quite proficient in Python and C++. I have good knowledge of front-end and back-end and I have been working on some web development projects for some time now.
I have recently developed an interest in open source contributions.
I am interested in participating in GSoC 22' to get a good exposure and to work on a larger codebase. I see this as an opportunity to learn a lot of new things. Can I please get some guidance to contribute to this organization?
Thanks and Regards,
Princeton D'souza
Gautam Jajoo
Hey @kaustubh-s1 ! I guess one of the contributors removed the matplotlib dependency from worker.txt, and then it worked for him.
1 reply
But I will get back to you on this matter

Hey @Princeton21 @PrakritiShetty!

Welcome to CloudCV!
To get started you guys can set up EvalAI locally by following the instructions on the github repository and then searching for new issues. You could try resolving issues and through that, you would get to know how things work.

I am new to the repository, so pardon me for the question. How can I access the api urls (specifically the django admin). Also, I have forked the repository and cloned it on local. I read in the docs that development settings are enabled by default when you fork a repository but I am unable to see the api urls
Hello everyone! I am Yashwardhan Sable, currently a sophomore at IIT- BHU. I am pursuing my B. Tech in Engineering Physics. I have a good grasp of Python, Matlab, Octave, C and C++. I have also made some simple spam classifier and image classifier, and I have some understanding of AI/ML. I am new to open source and would like to contribute to this organization. Could you please guide me on how to start contributing to CloudCV and tell which projects will be suitable for me
Udai Gupta
I am getting this error when starting the project can someone help??? Running this on windows
@Udai1931 Did you do docker-login before?
Hi, I am interested to contribute to cloud cv regarding devops. could anyone please tell me how to approach the team for contributions.
@sathvik2612 all contributions are done on github. There are many issue open that you can take up.
Bharat Honnappanavar
Hey, community! I am Bharat H beginner contributor of open source. I am looking forward to becoming a part of the Cloud-CV by contributing to the "Analytics dashboards for challenge hosts and participant" project and subsequently participating in GSOC 2022. I spent a fair amount of time understanding the requirements, and I am deeply interested in the project. To get in good shape for writing a proposal, I would first like to contribute along the lines of the aimed project. Basically, I’m trying to run URL but not able to get content of web page & getting an error “
This site can’t be reached127.0.0.1 refused to connect.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
2 replies
Kaustubh Maske Patil
Hey guys!
I'm opening gitter after some time. Happy to see channel being active
Gunjan Chhablani