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Nikhil Mudholkar
where are all the issues and the tags gone?
Hi again, it worked. it was a misnaming error and the solution was typing this command 'sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node'
Thanks @namish800 for your help (Y)
Namish pruthi
No problem @Varezki
Revanth Reddy
Is someone working on #419 ? I would like to work on it.
No one is assigned for that issue yet. Can someone please assign it to me.
Adesh Gautam
Hi everyone ! I am new here and want to contribute. Please tell me where to start. Any suggestions would be very helpful.
Tim van Mourik
Hi everyone, I'm new here. I recently found out about Fabrik.
In a completely different field with a completely different angle, I've been working on an almost identical application. The commonality is that both are 'just' graphical pipeline editors where I have been focussing on neuroimaging and MRI data analysis, you have been focussing on machine/deep learning.
Graphical Interface for Reproducible Analysis oF workFlow Experiments, giraffe.tools
Tim van Mourik
The core is similar (Django + React) but the application is designed completely differently. I did copy some of your layout design recently, so it probably looks familiar.
A key difference is that I spent a lot of time in automatically reading and writing pipelines from and to GitHub directly
And that sounds quite useful to you too.
So I'm wondering, do you think there are things we could collaborate on?
I'd love to have some input, as my application is a bit newer to the game. And I think my implementation might be useful to you here and there.
Gurpreet singh
@Ram81 can you merge #509
Ram Ramrakhya
@Gurpreetsingh9465 I'll review it this weekend.
Rishabh Jain

Hi @/all,

We’re very happy to announce that CloudCV has been selected for GSoC ’19! This is our fifth consecutive year with GSoC, and we’re looking forward to your contributions and to an exciting summer ahead! For new students, you can get started using our GSoC Ideas page http://gsoc.cloudcv.org.
Feel free to reach out to the mentors of different projects and ask them questions if you have any. Also, please carefully go through the instructions on the official GSoC page of CloudCV mentioned below:

GSoC Website Page: https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/organizations/5709446018236416/

Happy Coding!

varun khare
Hi I would like to contribute to fabrik. I have good experience with deep learning (pytorch, tf) and machine learning methods but less on frontend. I searched github issues and found a few like Cloud-CV/Fabrik#294 relevant. Can anyone point to some starter wiki? additionally, recommendations for other potential tasks are welcome.
Rishabh Jain
Hi @varunkhare1234 Thanks for your interest in CloudCV!
Just so you know, we're not participating with Fabrik in GSOC 2019.
Moreover, @Ram81 will help you with getting started on Fabrik.
Ram Ramrakhya
@varunkhare1234 you can start by setting up the development environment and then going through the backend part. You can start from kerasapp
varun khare
@RishabhJain2018 yes I checked the github GSOC issues and I know these wont be a part of it. I am interested in working on Fabrik! I am using Arch Linux and have finished setting up my pc. Thanks I will look into kerasapp
Rishabh Jain
Awesome! We'll help you in getting started with it. Thanks @Ram81 for the pointers.
Ram Ramrakhya
@varunkhare1234 feel free to ping me if you have any questions or doubts for any module.
Hi guys, i want to contribute towards this repository as part of gsoc 2019. Can someone suggest me with some project ideas ?
Rishabh Jain
Hi @abhinavsagar , you can get started using our GSoC Ideas page http://gsoc.cloudcv.org.
Ajitesh Singh
Is there any contributing guide for contributing to Fabrik .
Ram Ramrakhya
@ajitesh-30 you can refer our README.md to setup dev environment and for the guidelines you can refer EvalAI guidelines
varun khare
hi @Ram81 Is it necessary to use the same caffe version as specified in install_caffe_and_tensorflow.sh? I am facing caffe build issues because of openCV 4.1.0 The PR hasnt been accepted at caffe yet BVLC/caffe#6625
varun khare
openCV 4.1.0 opencv 4.0.1
varun khare

I did the changes specified in PR and built the caffe but I guess these should be specified. The instructions do no specify openCV version. Similarly I ran into few issues with psycopg2. It has needs to be upgraded to 2.8.3 for me atleast

hi @Ram81 Is it necessary to use the same caffe version as specified in install_caffe_and_tensorflow.sh? I am facing caffe build issues because of openCV 4.1.0 The PR hasnt been accepted at caffe yet BVLC/caffe#6625

Ram Ramrakhya
@vkkhare you can use some other version for caffe, we've given example for the one mentioned in the install_caffe_and_tensorflow.sh
varun khare
i am able to run properly but was thinking to add the script for arch linux in the mean time I understand keras_app if this is required. The current instructions are sufficient though and only differ at few locations
varun khare
@Ram81 I have gone through keras_app and got the overall structure i guess. Please correct me if I am wrong somewhere:
  • layers_export.py contains all the descriptions of the layers and their initializations according to the params
  • layers_import.py mostly contains the layer descriptions as json object which I guess is later transferred to layer_export.py for keras code conversion
  • import_json gets keras model from json response from django generates a dictionary net using layer_map and supporting params
  • export_json exports json into keras model and saves it with a randomId
let me know how to proceed further
Shashank jain
hello guys I have been looking to be a part of cloudcv organisation can anyone guide me through it.. :)
varun khare
Hi anyone there?
Kaustubh Maske Patil
Hey. I need some help with the installation process on virtualenv.
I am getting this error while trying to run python manage.py makemigrations caffe_app
Using Dev settings
Using TensorFlow backend.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "manage.py", line 10, in <module>
File "/root/Fabrik/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/django/core/management/init.py", line 367, in execute_from_command_line
..... ||| code omitted here ||| .....
conn = _connect(dsn, connection_factory=connection_factory, **kwasync)
django.db.utils.OperationalError: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "postgres"
Kaustubh Maske Patil
Getting same error in Ubuntu 16.04. Hey is there anything I missed while configuration?
Kaustubh Maske Patil
Okay, I got it. There needs to be an additional step in the instructions to edit settings/dev.py . The NAME parameter to 'admin' and PASSWORD parameter to 'fabrik'
Kaustubh Maske Patil
Can I get any help with this error:[2019-11-02 09:45:27,451: ERROR/MainProcess] consumer: Cannot connect to redis://localhost:6379/0: . Trying again in 2.00 seconds...
I might be better to report on github for help instead
Moulik Aggarwal
Hi, My name is Moulik Aggarwal and I have participated in GSoC'19 under the Salesforce Organisation and I want to part of GCI by mentoring new students to open source.
Prakhar Srivastava
Hi, I like the idea of Fabrik and want to contribute and build BE for pytorch, I saw a branch related to that, I just want to know the overall process and are there any contribution guidelines?
Ram Ramrakhya
Hi @prakharcode , you can start by setting up the development environment on your local machine. If you want to pickup a issue please mention that on the issues page and get started on it.