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    Prajwal Sood
    Hello everyone, I am sophomore at IIT Mandi, India and i recently came across the EvalAI platform. Upon learning that it is an open source project, I was interested in contributing towards the organization. My skills involve python, TensorFlow and deep learning. I have a background in deep learning (working on it for last one year) and mostly work in deploying deep learning models on edge devices. Apart from that I also actively compete and contribute datasets on open-source platforms like Kaggle. So I feel I would be able to make valuable contributions to the organization, for now I will look to work on basic issues on GitHub. Hoping to hear from you soon!
    Hi, I am very new to programming and I am hoping that won't be a problem to contribute to this project. I just know the basics of python and c++ programming. But I am learning more as we speak. If there are any good courses that will help me in contributing to this project, please let me know. I will be glad to learn that. It would have been helpful if someone could guide me on how to start here. Thank you!
    Hello everyone. I am new to this community, and i am familiar with python , tensorflow, deep learning,machine learning and git&github. Really interested in contributing to this fine organization. Can someone please guide me through?
    Gaurav G S
    Hello everyone, I was eagerly looking forward to contribute to CloudCV during Gsoc and happened to come across evalAI. I am an engineering undergraduate student who has skills in Google cloud platform, Kubernetes, TensorFlow, Python, Deep Learning, ML, Django, web dev and much more. It would be really helpful if someone could guide me through the process of setting up because I'm facing some issues and I am desperate for help because I willing to start contributing asap. Waiting desperately for your helpful response.
    Hello everyone, my name is Saurav Pawar, and I am a sophomore at Pune University, India, currently pursuing my Bachelor's of engineering. I have a good knowledge of Python, keen interest in cloud computing, and also, I am a desperate machine learning enthusiast. I also have some knowledge about various ML algorithms ( regression, clustering, decision tree, KNN, etc ). I would like to contribute to CloudCV on various projects and I would highly appreciate on any guidance on how to get started.
    Can anyone tell me which projects by CloudCV are most likely to go in GSOC this year ?
    Rishabh Jain
    Hi @PradyumnaGupta , It will be EvalAI.
    We will be hiring multiple students on that project :)
    Aviral Jain
    Hello everyone. I'm Aviral Jain (burnerlee-hackername). I recently started to contribute on EvalAI and looking forward to work more :)
    Rishabh Jain
    Welcome @burnerlee! Please join https://gitter.im/Cloud-CV/EvalAI channel for EvalAI.
    Aman Sa
    My jee and all that college related stuff will be ending by may. Will resume my contributions then. Hoping to go to gsoc
    Shashank Aital
    Hello guys! I'm Shashank Aital. I have been playing around with web development and Deep Learning for about an year now and am kinda new to Cloud Computing. I am really looking forward to work with you all whilst improving my skill-set at the same time!
    Anurag Kumar
    Hello Everyone! I'm Anurag (anukaal) . I want to start my GSoC journey with CloudCV . Now I am learning on Cloud Security so I want to contribute to CloudCV
    Shrey Modi
    Hello everyone ! I am shrey Modi . We can discuss about Analytics dashboards for challenge hosts and participants here right?
    Hello everyone I have a intermiedate knowlegde of python and Amazon web services then can we start contributing now OR after march 29??
    Onwukanjo, Innocent O.
    My name is Innocent. I am a final year student in the Department of Computer Engineering. I am super excited to participate in this year's GSOC. I have always wanted to participate in GSOC but I always felt I needed to learn more. I have a Udacity Nanodegree in DevOps, Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals certification and currently studying for AWS Solutions Architect-Associate certification. I want to learn to contribute to Open Source. Where can I start?
    I'm Srijita Mallick, a Computer Science B.Tech Undergraduate with good command over Python, Django and Django Rest Framework. Also I have basic foundation in Machine learning. Hoping guidance from potential mentors regarding the Analytics dashboards for challenge hosts and participants project idea. Regards.
    Taressa Halpin
    Hello, my name is Taressa Halpin, I am registering for Google Summer of Code 2021. I am an undergraduate studying Computer Information Systems at Ferris State University in Michigan. I have taken online courses in Machine Learning and Python. I am also familiar with Django and AWS.
    Hi everyone! My name is Ashley, studying in Canada Montreal. I just heard about GSoC yesterday from a friend and figured that I am quite late to this since the proposal is due in 24 h. Any help to get me up to speed would be greatly appreciated!
    Prateek Dutta
    Hello everyone present over here,
    Myself Prateek Dutta from G H Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. I am an undergraduate Bachelors of Technology(B.Tech) pursuing student. My Department is Artificial Intelligence. I have participated in GSoC 2021 for the first time and its an amazing experience I am having. Hopefully, if I got shortlisted, then it would be amazing.
    Best of Luck to all!
    Ghanta Sai Krishna
    Hello, this is Sai Krishna .I am willing to contribute to cloudCV and I want to be a part GSOC next year .Though this is early start can anyone guide me ?
    Hello, everyone, I am Suyash Singh. I am interested in Open Source and had just finished up Django. The evalAI repo looks interesting though a lot of legacy code. Is this the right communication channel to convey issues?
    Hello, I am Arunim Basak, a second-year student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad (ISM), India.
    I am pursuing an undergraduate program in mechanical engineering. I am new to open source contributions but I know python and learning Machine Learning using Pytorch. I would love to contribute to this organization.
    So please guide me as a beginner and guide me on how to get started. I would love to learn new things
    Siddharth Samal
    Hi everyone. I am Siddharth Samal.
    I want to start my Open source journey with Cloud CV projects. EvalAI repo looks like a great start to me. I am currently working as Software Engineer in Oracle. I have a good hands on product development in Python, REST, Machine Learning, building pipelines using Pyspark, Cloud development etc. Since GSOC is allowing 18+ people (not limited to college students only) to participate this year, I am optimistic to begin and start this journey.
    Vaibhav Patel
    ello everyone, I'm Vaibhav Patel, Final year student pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science. I have joined the community a few days back and I am really amazed by the people in this community and would love to start my open-source contribution journey. I'm currently learning Docker and Golang and have a good hands on React. I'm really excited to start my open-source journey so can anyone please guide me in my initial stages?
    I'm ready to spend 3-4 hrs daily for learning new things and getting used to it, so it would be great if someone can help kick-off my open-source journey in my initial stages!
    KruTarth BhAtt
    I am Krutarth, a first year Masters student in Computer Science at Arizona State University, Tempe, USA. I have a research background in Classical Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision. I checked out the projects of CloudCV and found them very exciting and interesting. Hence, I wish to start contributing to this awesome open source software and join the community of CloudCV.
    I am new to open source so I would request to help me getting started.
    Kang Minchul
    hello, can you check my PR? it's trivial patch that i sent a while ago, but i think this needs review
    Hello! I am Sameeksha Malav and I am an undergraduate student at IIT BHU pursuing Computer Science and Engineering. I am new to open source and I am interested in contributing to your organization, so can you please help me out to start contributing and what all knowledge I will need for this purpose? It will be great if someone is willing to guide me with the process. Thanks!
    Gautam Jajoo

    Hey @sameekshamalav @kuku1999 @Vaibhav-1904 @samstealth !

    Welcome to CloudCV!
    To get started you can set up EvalAI(and also join the EvalAI channel) locally by following the instructions on the github repository and try playing around with the platform to get familiar with it.

    hello, I am MSVPJ SATHVIK. I am interested to contribute to cloudcv regarding devops could anyone please let me know how to get started
    Pranav Khurana
    Hi Guys,
    My name is Pranav Khurana and I am currently studying Software Engineering. I was looking for GSOC 2022 Ideas list but I could not find any I was wondering if anyone can guide me through please.
    Bhavul Gauri
    Hey Folks, Bhavul here. I work for Meta as a Sr. ML Engineer. I was thinking of spending some spare time in doing open source contributions. :) Not after GSoC or any paid work, but interested to know if there are some good challenging ML work opportunities here where I could help contribute to.
    Hi Folks , I am Arnav , currently in my 2nd year of college pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science with specialization in Ai & Ml . I am looking forward to doing open source contributions so as to gain some real world experience . I am looking forward to CloudCV as my first place to contribute as an opensource devloper . Can you please guide me through the process of learning new technologies and doing amazing contributions
    Arnit Gupta
    Hi everyone!
    I am Arnit Gupta from India. I am second year Computer Science Undergrad. I am new to open source projects, but excited to contribute whatever I can, to CloudCV projects. I am familiar with both frontend(HTML, CSS, JS, REACT.JS) and backend (Node.js, Django, Restful Api's) development.
    I want to contribute in backend part of CloudCV. Also having some work experience on django. It would be highly thankful if someone guides me how to start.
    Rohit prasad
    Hi Guys,
    My name is Rohit Prasad and I am in my 2nd year of college pursuing my B.Tech. I was looking for GSOC 2023 Ideas list but I could not find any I was wondering if anyone could guide me through it, please.