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Oct 2015
Manjunath S
Oct 08 2015 08:14
Does this work with multiple recaptcha in a single page ?
also, i found ... any thoughts on this?
Manjunath S
Oct 08 2015 08:36
'webkitAudioContext' is deprecated. Please use 'AudioContext' instead.
Tomi Niittumäki
Oct 08 2015 09:10
Angular recaptcha and Angular noCaptcha used to be two different widgets. Now it seems that recaptcha is using the noCaptcha by default. 'angular-no-captcha' was done to support AngularJS with the noCaptcha only before it was available in the primary recaptcha -project. So not sure about the differencies atm. @V
@vepasto do you have anything to add?
Veikko Karsikko
Oct 08 2015 10:14

@ajjublr VividCortex basically does the same thing. You can choose the one you like most :) Check html example code to see difference.

I think this audio thing is not in our hands. Please make a pull request to make your point clearer.

@Feijk noCaptcha is just a new version of angular reCaptcha. 'noCaptcha' was just a codename.
Manjunath S
Oct 08 2015 10:56
ok, thanks a lot
Manjunath S
Oct 08 2015 11:33
Just wondering how to call reset ?
Manjunath S
Oct 08 2015 11:40
o, i guess i got it... found from the issues.. will try