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Mar 2017
Mar 10 2017 01:57
lol, rickrolled
looks nice guys
Mar 10 2017 11:40
Great work
Dave Thomson
Mar 10 2017 20:15
I’ve now added express and pug templates to the project. See the read me for more details:
Mar 10 2017 21:20
Good stuff.
Katja Durrani
Mar 10 2017 21:53
Live at staging site now
It is quite a change from previous, has become a node app now basically :)
Was a bit skeptic at first but it's actually easy to switch on the server, can have static pages and node side by side depending on routes
Can I start a petition to replace Douglas Crockford? By Rebecca Murphey :)
No, don't know. Just for me the Good parts has never worked so well, and as a person seems to be not that pleasant, though have never met him of course