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Apr 2017
Apr 14 2017 16:31
@katjad Awesome, I'll have a look at the codeas I'm interested in learning how to do it too. :)
Apr 14 2017 16:56
@katjad cant find the codehub invite @rinse0ut mentioned. so dave cant assign issues to me. can you resend? thnx
We do something similar but with lines of code, functions or components.
Katja Durrani
Apr 14 2017 19:41
@rinse0ut What a fascinating read!! And I can't stop watching the animation.
Dave Thomson
Apr 14 2017 19:43
Katja Durrani
Apr 14 2017 19:44
@tbuyus Just invited you again , you should have an email. I'd replied earlier but phone didn't send message apparently
Apr 14 2017 20:08