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Apr 2017
Apr 19 2017 07:59
@katjad It's great you've been getting stuck into the app (I'll resume work on it next Monday). The Scrum work with Ajara sounds great! I've only had a minimal experience with Scrum and that was years ago so I'd appreciate a refresher. A 2 week sprint could work really well. The 25th April would be good for me and i should be able to do the hack night as well as Js101.
@leighman Have you started your job? Hope it's going well!!
Apr 19 2017 09:06
The planning session sounds good. :)
Tim Handy
Apr 19 2017 21:24
Hi all, just a quickie to say I got a job back in IT infrastructure (not web dev) so won't be able to come to Tuesdays any longer. Sad times. It's been great fun while it lasted, thanks for all your help, support and guidance. I'll hopefully be able to drop in on the evenings at Momentum, I'll try not to be a complete stranger, though expect my skills will fade. Love you guys! Xx