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Apr 2017
Katja Durrani
Apr 20 2017 01:43 UTC
@TimHandy We'll miss you, but I'm happy you found a job. Congratulations! Thanks for all your contributions, it's been great having you at the group, and yes please come to the hack nights! Good luck in the new job xx
Apr 20 2017 08:47 UTC
@TimHandy We will definitely miss you at js101. Really hope you can make it to some hack nights and I'm sure you'll giving JS a sneaky peak once you've got settled into your new job. Congratulations! Must be a big relief. All the best xx
Tim Handy
Apr 20 2017 09:20 UTC
@wingedeel Cheers. The job is a pretty crap one to be fair, not looking forward to it at all, but it's a job. 1st world problems and all that, so must keep it in perspective. :-)
Katja Durrani
Apr 20 2017 22:57 UTC
@/all Planning session now not going to happen on 25/4 probably, as ajara now said she'd also like to do review session with us two weeks later, and could not do that in that case. So will have to be June unfortunately, on the other hand perhaps the whole thing will have more impact if we are a bit further with the app? - I'll see ajara tomorrow, so will late you know options for dates.