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Apr 2017
Apr 27 2017 11:10
Have just had an email chat with Katja about newcomers to JS101 and think we maybe need to have two strands - one for js beginners and another for more experienced members. Option One would concentrate on the JS language and all you would need is a text editor and sign up to FreeCodeCamp. No talk of github, node etc. Option Two would assume set up of git and would allow collaboration on our joint projects. We could add these 2 options to our Getting Started page and when a newcomer arrives we ask them which strand they'd feel comfortable with. Of course, we'd still have our presentations and general js chat but the group would be split into these two general paths. Good idea?
I mean I guess we kind of do this anyway...but maybe just make it a bit more explicit and clear to newcomers.
Apr 27 2017 18:42
@wingedeel I think people signup to learn JS, so we should continue to focus on the language. With the option of the groups too. We could also point beginners to this
Apr 27 2017 21:27
@Gicela. Thats a great link. We should also mention looking at JS and the DOM.