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May 2017
Dave Thomson
May 04 2017 09:39
@Gicela nice one. Would be cool to embed that into our site as JSTV. @wingedeel looks interesting. @katjad yes the Bristol JS slack group is defo worth joinining.
May 04 2017 12:49
@katjad Is the BristolJS invitation only? I have joined two other slack groups but only with an invite.
@rinse0ut Like the JSTV idea. BTW anyone can add to the YouTube playlist. It would be great to have people's favourites listed there.
Thanks @wingedeel I'll ask to join. However, I don't have many free evenings these days ;-)
Katja Durrani
May 04 2017 14:10
@Gicela I can't remember! I was not invited and did not have to request membership I think, I could just join.
Maybe I did request an invite, but it was just an automatic thing, nobody approving membership @Gicela