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May 2017
May 14 2017 20:30
I've been at WordCamp all weekend :) So just managed to pull your changes @katjad . I agree with @rinse0ut about the logos. I prefer them to be separated at the bottom of the page. We could add Bristech, South West React, Node school and WTHub meetups too. As for the technology logos, this is just a start we could add a few more. I think what we had listed are the core technologies. I think they are important to have.
I think the 'what we do' , how does it help section works well. We could just make the link 'read more' to go to a page with one or two paragraphs with a bit more info on how we do things in each area we list. With this, we should be ready for first release. What do you guys think?
@rinse0ut Thanks. If people enjoyed the format of the DOM demo, maybe I should run a another (more planned) session.
May 14 2017 20:48
@Gicela I also like the logos at the bottom of the page. Speaking of, @rinse0ut assigned an issue to me regarding creating an svg icon for Gitter, not sure what this is for, is it to replace the one on the logos section?
Katja Durrani
May 14 2017 22:33
@trianah I think it is to replace the generic icon currently at bottom right? - Btw have set latest changes live to (nothing from my changes in there yet - will def not do PR for logos in background ;) they should be at the bottom, accepted)