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May 2017
May 16 2017 09:50
@katjad I worked with Michael Buffa when I run the W3C mobile best practices course!
Katja Durrani
May 16 2017 09:52
@Gicela oh wow. Small w3c world :)
Katja Durrani
May 16 2017 16:31
Just added a new template where you have a sidenav which goes to anchor links - this is very rough still (nav should be fixed on scrolling, and scrolling should be smoother) but at least a start. 'What we do' should perhaps not be in top nav, just put it there for the moment. Btw at the moment the subpages come in random order :) Async in action!
So this basically looks through a folder and then renders the contents of the files in that folder.. @rinse0ut I'd have some questions, but need to go now (hack night!) Hope can use this
The link is better like this I guess
Seems to be coming always in the same order actually, but when I built it it didn't.. ;)