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May 2017
Katja Durrani
May 26 2017 00:27
Merged an on dev site here now @Gicela
May 26 2017 09:36
Great. Thank you @katjad
May 26 2017 09:54
thanks @katjad. I'm having a look at hexo. I had hoped I could just use require('fs') and write out the response to a file.
Katja Durrani
May 26 2017 13:29
@tbuyus Oh you can do that too. I thought hexo as a ready solution or as inspiration how they have done it, but then they use a lot of extra things.. Maybe not the best advice, and I haven't looked at their code. In terms of using Nodejs filesystem, fs does have, fs.write() and fs.writeFile() methods. I think Nodeschool's learnyounode module has exercises regarding how to use them.
@tbuyus I think I did actually use that on a project that never came live, will check when at home - and wether there were any caveats.