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Jun 2017
Tim Handy
Jun 02 2017 12:41 UTC
Yes, can use my apps if you'd like 😀 they're all on my github.
Katja Durrani
Jun 02 2017 16:01 UTC
@TimHandy Thanks, I'll have a look. :smile: Planning to do the page tomorrow.
Jun 02 2017 18:53 UTC
Good work everybody! You can use my React image search for the projects page -
Katja Durrani
Jun 02 2017 22:46 UTC
@wingedeel That's really cool, like the animation effect! - Cannot do the page tomorrow now, as we have to go to Birmingham to see in-laws which was not planned, but I will definitely do it on Sunday.
Btw Matin, my husband, who's an editor has read through the content and just had some minor corrections, he thinks it is written very well!